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Frequently Asked Questions



Liberty Center Family Medicine is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice.  In DPC, we contract directly with you, via a low monthly fee, and not with your health insurance company.  This means that it is just you and your medical provider making the medical decisions, not your insurance company or another middle man.  Since we do not contract with them, we are able to find savings for you that are not available to most patients whose providers may be restricted or limited by insurance factors.

Click here to see a short video and learn more about Direct Primary Care (DPC).

Why Monthly Membership Fees?

One huge problem in healthcare is the lack of transparency in the costs.  In the traditional medical practice model, providers are reimbursed based on the number of patients that they see during a day - rushing from room to room.  This tends to lead to higher prices, and rushed visits.  A monthly membership fee allows us to commit to the best care with a fewer number of patients. This means more time for us to give better quality, personable care.  Additionally, it gives you the ability to visit or call when needed without worrying about the extra costs.  Whether you visit Liberty Center Family Medicine one time per year or are seen ten times each month, it is the same monthly membership fee- no more, no less. 
One monthly fee. No hidden costs. No hassle.

Is Membership Required?

Yes.  Since Direct Primary Care is all about building an on-going provider-patient relationship for your best healthcare, committed membership is required.

A one-time enrollment fee is required upon signing up, along with your subsequent monthly membership fee for each month. 

Why Would I Pay for Both Insurance and a DPC Membership Fee?

In are already paying twice!  First  — your health insurance premiums.  Second — every payment you make that is below your health insurance deductible (i.e. co-pays).  Everyone is dealing with the frustrations of constant increasing insurance premiums.  As a result, this is causing a trend toward lower-premium, higher-deductible insurance plans for many people.  People need ease of access, peace of mind, and value in their primary healthcare.   Direct Primary Care does just that – predictable,  high quality primary care at a very reasonable monthly cost.  Your Insurance (or Medicare) can be paired with your DPC membership, and can be used towards more serious medical needs, ER visits, surgeries, specialist appointments, prescriptions, hospitalizations, etc.  Let your DPC membership take care of your basic, primary needs, while insurance or medicare can provide for additional healthcare needs that you may have.  DPC can be your "home base" when it comes to your healthcare needs.

Do I Need Insurance?

No.  You don't need health insurance to join or stay with Liberty Center Family Medicine.  Actually, we don't even accept insurance.  Rather, we only utilize a low-cost monthly payment option (membership fee) for patients to obtain quality primary healthcare.  Members are certainly encouraged to carry health insurance to help pay for any serious, unusual, and/or expensive procedures and services that may present themselves in life, such as ER visits, surgeries, appointments with specialists, etc.

If you already have health insurance, that's totally fine, keep it... Or perhaps, switch to a lower-premium, higher-deductible insurance plan.  Health savings account (HSA) plans are another nice alternative to pair with your DPC membership with us.  
There are many great combinations to obtain the ultimate healthcare coverage!

Do You Take Medicare?

No.  Medicare will not pay for your Liberty Center Family Medicine monthly membership fee.  Rather, you could pair a DPC membership with your Medicare.  Liberty Center Family Medicine can take care of your primary healthcare needs, while your Medicare can be reserved for other services or serious events -- for expensive procedures, specialists, hospitalizations, ER visits, etc.

Why Do Prices Increase With Age?

Monthly membership fees increase with age mainly due to more healthcare management and treatment needs- more medications to manage, more frequent visits/ follow-ups, and coordination with other medical specialists that we may need to work with in order to manage your overall healthcare needs.

Is Telemedicine Available?

Yes!  If you are unable to come into the office, we are more than happy to set up a telemedicine appointment to address your needs.  This may be beneficial if you are out of town and need to address your medical concerns with your provider.

Are you an Urgent Care or Walk-in Clinic?

No, Liberty Center Family Medicine is not an urgent care or walk-in clinic.  We are a Direct Primary Care (DPC) that provides medical care for patients who have signed up for a monthly membership.

Is a Provider On Call After Hours?

Yes, our providers will be available after hours in the event of an urgent need.  Your provider will always be a call, text, or email away if needed.  Further information will be provided upon enrollment.

Are Business/Company Plans Offered?

Yes.  We are willing to work with businesses and companies that wish to offer healthcare benefits to their employees.  By providing our services as a benefit to your employees, you can rest assured you are providing them with access to quality care.  Prompt appointments, short or no wait times means getting health/medical issues addressed and getting back to work efficiently.  While health insurance costs rise, sometimes the need to provide higher deductible plans arises. Providing our services as a benefit helps your workers be able to afford good quality primary care, taking care of issues before they get worse.  Sometimes in a competitive market, retaining great employees is a challenge.  Adding our care as a benefit can make your workplace a more attractive option to those comparing job opportunities.

Are Sports Physicals Provided?

Yes!  Liberty Center Family Medicine will provide Sports Physicals to non-members for a flat fee of $50 per individual  - by appointment only.

**Sports Physicals are FREE to all members.

Why Choose Liberty Center Family Medicine?

We believe that a good relationship between a medical provider and patient is a key component of good healthcare.  We genuinely care about your health and wellness.  We will be your guidance, your cheerleader, your accountability, or whatever you need to achieve the "best you."  If you are looking for peace of mind and easy access for your primary healthcare needs, we would love to have the opportunity to take care of you!

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